S&B Herba Foods are a leading couscous supplier to the UK market and offer various types. Our French couscous is manufactured by our French partner, Panzani, from the finest Durum Wheat semolina and our giant couscous is imported from our approved trading partner in Israel, ensuring optimum quality. 

French Couscous (available in 25kg and 1MT bags)

  • Medium French couscous 
  • Organic French couscous
  • Whole-wheat French couscous 

Giant Israeli Couscous (available in 10kg bags)

  • Standard giant Israeli couscous
  • Whole-wheat giant Israeli couscous
  • Tri-colour giant Israeli couscous 

Semolina is a coarse, pale yellow flour ground from durum wheat. It is distinct in colour and is typically used to make pasta, couscous and semolina milk pudding. It can also be used to flour the underside of pizza dough to prevent it from sticking or in bread making to produce a delicious crust. 
S&B Herba Foods can offer a range of semolina variations available in 25kg, 1MT bags and bulk, including:

  • Fine 
  • Medium
  • Coarse
  • Extra coarse
  • Wholegrain varieties

Other specifications and further product information available on request.