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Phoenix was established in 1961, when the British public first developed an interest and taste for Chinese cuisine. The Phoenix brand has grown in popularity alongside the Chinese restaurant sector. 

Today, Phoenix is the leading brand of rice, trusted by Chinese restaurants, takeaways and homes. We carefully select and polish only the finest grains of rice. This ensures that our rice is perfect for Chinese restaurants and great within the home.

Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice 20kg

Phoenix USA Long Grain Rice is ideal for boiled and fried rice to compliment Chinese cuisine. 
Double Water Polished for a consistent high quality with a brighter and whiter appearance than standard Long Grain Rice. 


Phoenix Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice 10kg & 20kg

Phoenix Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice is grown in the mountain highlands of Thailand is named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower of Southeast Asia. Jasmine rice has a naturally distinctive scent released during the cooking process and it is praised for its whiteness and silkiness. 
When cooked, it is soft, white and fluffy. The flavour of this rice enhances the traditional spices of oriental cookery. 

The premium and unique quality has increased Phoenix Thai rice’s popularity with the most discerning customers of all different ethnic communities.


Phoenix Sushi Rice 10kg

Phoenix Susi Rice is a medium grain rice with a soft sticky texture, which makes it ideal for many sushi recipes, including Maki and Nigiri.


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